This section will refer to a large range of abilities characters possess found in the game.

Ability Description Characters with Ability
Dimensional Drifting Jumping between dimensional planes by means of portals or energy radiation. Gongbat, Siren, Gegasaur, Gongkoi, Vudu, Tinus Hark
Echolocation Use of sound waves to damage other characters, move elements, or navigate. Gongbat, Siren, Mosqubara
Flight By means of mechanical upgrades, winged, or spiritual energy, allows a being to traverse air. Gongbat, Siren, Hark, Kasdactyl, Swelterbot, Gegasaur, Mosqubara, Helix, Yvi, Zerosis, Marrowgore, Kuvo Perry
Gongous Mutation Trans-mutative shape shifting when in the presence of a ringing gong. Gongbat, Siren
Shape-Shifting Self induced major changes in form or biological makeup. Gongbat, Siren, Duskram, Yvi, Embrya, Gongkoi, Kuvo Perry
Telepathy Form of communication by spiritual means. Gongbat, Siren, Yvi, Kuvo Perry, Vudu
Telekinesis Manipulation of matter and other forces by the use of ones mind. Gongbat, Siren, Swelterbot, Wishbone