Drell Coomer is an Etaera-renowned scientist and astrophysicist known widely for his detailed research on mystics, their realm, and Etaera Portals. Having grown up in a nearby system, he moved to Etaera during his late 30s, shortly after Mog's Colony set up camp. During his time here, he led most investigations into the much unknown world pouring into ours.

Pegging the creatures drifting in from the other side of tears in space-time, "Spirits," or commonly referred to in slang as "Mystics," Coomer holds the title as father of Etaera-based paranormal research. After his death and in the many years before, portals stopped appearing so frequently and eventually dwindled to a halt. All of his research can be found as open source in Etaera-based weblogs, which Hark explored throughout his entire after-drift life.