Syrius Valmarr is a historical leader of early Etaera-based colonies who trekked, established, and mapped most areas known on the tiny world. Taking charge once Mog's Colony finished months of supply movement, Valmarr lead a reign of terror on spiritual beings that began pouring through Etaera Portals. These battles attempting to suppress the otherworldly creatures ended in destruction and no resolve to either side. After almost two decades of failure, Syrius was dethroned by the brilliant peacemaker Exore Pryedge, who knew that the newly traveled and mostly confused mystics and humans could live in peace on this world. Keeping to their established borders when rips in space-time dwindled, spirits held an unspoken armistice with human life as "neighbors with high fences."

After Hark's accidental jumping into the future, he looked up highly to Syrius and his teachings. His grudge against mystics made him a sort of far related apprentice to a long dead Valmarr, holding many of the same values and ideals. His mindset that stuck: spirits are an inferior intelligent biological life that should work under humans on Etaera at all costs.